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The "ACE" of all Coffee Brewers

The ACE Brewer is a brewing tool and an introduction to better coffee brewing. Using the two-step steep and filter® method, this tool can outbrew any other maker on the market today ...

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How is the ACE Brewer engineered to make better coffee?

The ACE Brewer makes brewing better coffee easy by allowing the brewer (you!) to make coffee like tea is made; by simply steeping the grinds in just-boiled water for 1-3 minutes and then stopping the extraction by pouring the mixture through the cotton filter into your mug (a.k.a removing the the tea bag).

ACE Brewer is engineered to be used with this simple method of manual coffee brewing, and it makes better coffee by giving complete control over the two most important variables in coffee brewing: 1) Temperature of the water, and 2) Extraction (or “steeping”) time. By controlling these two variables, you (the human brewer) are able to make the absolute best cups of coffee using just the Ace Coffee Spring Brewer in conjunction with any measuring cup or other steeping vessel.

The ACE Brewer is compact, durable, collapsible, lightweight, and made with 100% pure materials (stainless steel and organic cotton). It’s minimal, easy to use, and environmentally sound.


Why organic cotton filter?

Organic cotton is by far the best coffee filtering material for these main reasons:

1) It takes away the weakness of inconsistent grind sizes because it can filter out any grind size (from fine to coarse). This means that everything from inexpensive blade grinders to the best espresso grinders can be used in conjunction with the ACE Brewer to yield amazing cups.

2) Unlike with paper, organic cotton does not impart any flavour to the finished coffee and so the only taste in your mouth is your pure hand-crafted brew!

3) Organic cotton is non-toxic, reusable and doesn’t require any special cleaning (just a quick rinse after each brew!)

The use of cotton filters in coffee is not new. To this day cotton is used all over South and Central American and the earliest French brewers also used cotton filters. It’s about time cotton be more widely recognized for its many benefits in coffee brewing, including its amazing ability to filter out fine grinds while allowing the heavier fat molecules in coffee to pass through the cotton and into the finished brew, yielding pure cups of coffee (with no sediment at the bottom) that are rich in both flavour and texture.


How long will the organic cotton filter last me?

The organic cotton filter will last 1-3 years (depending on how often you use it) before the edges of it start to wear out and develop holes (kind of like your favourite old t-shirt!). You can keep using it as long as it’s holding onto its stainless steel coffee spring, but we suggest replacing it every 1-3 years in order to keep it fresh and performing at its best.

Will the filter develop bacteria? No, the filter keeps itself extremely clean as long as you use it regularly, rinse it out after each brew, and use it for nothing but coffee. We also recommend pouring a bit of hot water through it before each new brew (just to warm your cup and rinse out any chance of remaining flavour from your last brew).

How do I clean the organic cotton filter?

The organic cotton filter is very easy to clean, just shake off the bulk of the grinds into your compost bin and rinse with water from your sink after each use. (Coffee grinds actually help unclog drains, by acting as tiny eroders, and do not contribute to drain clogging).

How should I store the cotton filter?

A wet filter can produce mould if left moist for too long in a tightly sealed, non-breathable container. If you are using your ACE Brewer every day or every few days the best method of storage is to simply leave it sitting out on your countertop.

If you are not using your ACE Brewer for longer than 3-5 days at time, it’s best to moisten the filter and store it in the freezer until next use. Once out of the freezer, a quick rinse with warm water will have it ready for use again. (The reason for keeping the cotton in the freezer is to lock in water moisture so that the cotton doesn’t dry out for too long causing any oils left in its fibres to go stale. Spent coffee oils, when exposed to air for long periods, will turn stale and may impart unwanted flavours to the cotton).

Can I use paper filters with the ACE Brewer?

Yes, the ACE Brewer can also be used with paper filters. It works with standard paper filter sizes, 2, 4 and 6. We strongly recommend non-chlorine bleached paper filters.

How many cups of coffee can the ACE Brewer make at a time?

The ACE Brewer can easily make 1-6 cups of coffee at a time using the vessel of your choice, from a single mug to a large carafe.

Can I make tea with the ACE Brewer?

Yes! The cotton filter does a great job filtering out loose leaf teas. Steep your tea as you normally would and then pour the steeped brew through the cotton filter to separate the tea leaves from the brew. We recommend using your cotton filter with only one type of tea (your favourite!), and suggest using paper coffee filters if you want to brew different types of teas on a regular basis.

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